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We Have Good Taste! Our coffee beans are flavored with a variety of ingredients and spices as it brews to produce delicious flavor-infused coffee that not only smells amazing, but tastes amazing too.

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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This very bright, vibrant cup displays fruity citrus and berry notes complimented by nuts, wine and dark chocolate. Medium bodied with a bright acidity and clean, crisp finish.

Grown year-round in a region close to Lake Abaya, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is cultivated from wild arabica trees that have been growing in Yirgacheffe for almost 1,300 years. This biologically pure crop is produced without chemicals and synthetic fertilizers at high altitudes ranging from 6,500 to 7,200 feet. Each tree receives numerous visits by harvesters who hand-pick the fruit because the same tree branch can bear blossoms, green fruit and ripe cherries all at the same time. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is wet processed, which results in higher acidity and a cleaner flavor.

Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Single-origins can offer unique characteristics and specific tastes when compared to blended coffees from multiple origins.

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