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Two Is Better Than One! A coffee blend is a mixture of two or more different coffees. These coffees can be from different countries or different regions in the same country. Our signature blends are locally and internationally inspired.

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Sumatra Manhelding

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Spicy, herbal overtones enhance Sumatra’s earthy, mossy notes, low acidity and rich, syrupy body.

Hailing from Indonesia, Sumatra is a deliciously earthy coffee with a very full body. The coffee is harvested by landholders who tend to a small number of trees. Once the cherries are ripe, they are hand-pulped and dried in the sun. This dry processing contributes to Sumatra’s heavy body and sweet, but slightly herbal, flavors. Even though Indonesia is one of the world’s largest coffee producers, the plants are not indigenous. The Dutch Colonial Government actually introduced the crop during the seventeenth century in order to break the Arab coffee monopoly. The development of plantations helped to create Indonesian infrastructure (such as roads and railways) at the turn of the 19th century.

Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Single-origins can offer unique characteristics and specific tastes when compared to blended coffees from multiple origins.

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